Toning is to hair color what icing is to cupcakes. It’s the fine-tuning, finishing touch that transforms the basics into something truly finished. You’ll see color correctors, perfecting treatments, color deepeners, and purple shampoo and conditioner in our product catalog. You can expect the effect of toners to last around three to four weeks before a refresh is needed. While it’s not technically considered a “step” in the coloring process, toning is essential for achieving your desired look. Whether you want to brighten up your blonde or add some dimension to your brunette, toning can help you achieve the perfect shade. 

There are a variety of ways to customize your hair color, and our product catalog includes a range of options to suit your needs. Color correctors can be used to fix unwanted tones, perfecting treatments can help to achieve the desired shade, and purple shampoo and conditioner can be used to enhance existing color. In addition, we offer a range of toners that can be used to fine-tune the color. The effects of toners typically last around three to four weeks before a refresh is needed. With our wide range of products, you’re sure to find the perfect option for you.

What Is A Hair Toner? 

A toner is a product that can be used on bleached hair to neutralize yellow or orange tones and give the hair an ashy or platinum color. Toners are typically applied after bleaching and before coloring the hair, and they can be applied to damp or dry hair. Most toners are sold in liquid form, and they are typically applied with a cotton ball or Q-tip. 

What Does A Toner Do?

Toners are used to adjust the color of your highlights. They can also be used to tone down any color that has been added to your hair in a salon or at home. Toners are very important if you want to achieve a lighter shade of your highlights. They allow the color to seep into the surface and give a finished glossy look.

Toners can also be combined to create a rainbow of unique hair colors. Create a gradient from one color to another by using two different toners on the same part of your hair. For example, you could use a purple toner on the roots and ends of your hair while a pink toner is used in the middle section of your hair. This will create a gradient effect that will make your eyes pop!

The key to finding the best toner for your hair color is to match the tone of your hair with the tone of your desired end result.

Blonde Hair Color. Toners can remove unwanted warm tones, finish off a blonde shade with a fun tone like lilac or rose gold, and add sparkle and shine to the overall blonde hair color shade.

Brunette Hair Color. You can add richness, depth, and dimension to brunette hair color with a toner, as well as neutralize color that is too warm, brassy or ashy.

Red Hair Color. Red hair color really stands out, especially when it’s shiny and vivid. Toners can amplify red hair color and restore the look of your red shade if it begins to fade.

Highlights. Toner can add a level of refinement to your highlights by blending and balancing them. Toning balayage, balayage or foil highlights make them look subtler, more natural, and frankly, more expensive!

Toners can also be combined to create a rainbow of unique hair colors.

Toners are available in a variety of shades, so it is important to choose one that will complement your hair color. Using a toner can be a bit tricky, so it is best to consult with a professional hair stylist Alderwood before using one. With the right toner, you can achieve the perfect shade of colored hair.

When used correctly, a toner can help you achieve the perfect hair color. However, choosing the wrong toner for your hair type can result in damage and even discoloration. Before purchasing a toner, consult with a professional hair stylist Alderwood to ensure that you are choosing the right product for your hair type. With the help of toner, you can achieve the perfect hair color at home without spending a fortune. To avoid this, it’s important to select a toner that is specifically designed for your hair type and color. If you’re not sure which toner to choose, ask a professional stylist for help. 

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