A woman’s hair is often one of her most prized possessions. It is an important part of her appearance and demands substantial attention and care. If you wish to stay trendy and preserve your individuality, we are here to ease your worries. Hairs go through a lot of changes during their short existence. They form, grow out and then return to their normal state — all in less than a year! But even though styling your hair regularly can be beneficial for your overall health, it is not always easy to carry out the task. In fact, women are very particular about the way their hairdo looks.

Looking for new hair styles for ladies Alderwood? You’re not alone, my friend. From a simple to do mermaid waves and everything in between, there are plenty of options that make us feel like a whole new woman. In case you missed it, we’ve been on the hunt for the most up-to-date haircuts for women. 

If you have long hair, then it’s time to give it a new look. The best way to do this is by letting your hairstylist Alderwood cut your hair in different ways.

  1. Long Hair, Long Layers 

Loose waves play up the cool factor of this cut. Try braiding your hair in four braids overnight for a heatless option, or hit your hair with a waving iron and some salt spray for instant gratification. 

  1. Messy wob

A wavy bob is one of the most popular hairstyles for women trending this year. It adds some well-deserved flair and drama to your hair giving you a “just rolled out of bed” look. However, based on your preference, you may choose to keep your bob straight as well. 

  1. Multi-layers for long hair

When it comes to long hair haircuts, styling can get real tedious real quick. In addition, given the length and volume, options may also be considerably limited. Considering this predicament, the go-to option while contemplating hairstyles for women with long hair, would constitute multiple long layers. 

  1. Medium Cut 

The best thing about this cut is that it feels like a fresh start, without taking off too much length. If a one-length chop feels a little too severe, have your hairstylist add some longer, face-framing pieces—but not layers all around—for a touch of movement.

  1. High Ponytail 

A high ponytail can add height up top while still maintaining a shapely ponytail at the back of your head. It’s a great alternative if you’re trying to avoid messy bangs or just don’t have time to style them every day!

  1. Messy shaggy look

If your personal style is an amalgamation of effortless as well as cool, and you want the world to know it, go for the messy bangs with bob look. It gives you a disheveled, hipster appearance while retaining an air of aloof femininity.

  1. Classic uniform length 

If you’re the kind of girl who is enamored by classic and timeless trends, this long haircut could be the perfect look for you. Instruct your hairstylist to chop your hair up to an equivalent length. A pro-tip would be to get your hair cut with razors as opposed to scissors. This can add just the right touch of contemporary fashion to this otherwise classic look.

  1. Long and Sleek 

The key to making length look healthy, not scraggly, is asking your stylist for a blunt-bottom cut with barely-there long layers. Then there are a few steps to getting that super-sleek look at home. 

Your hair is one of your most prized possessions, and rightfully so. It demands substantial attention and care, but if you wish to stay trendy and preserve your individuality, we are here to ease your worries. We understand that every woman is unique and that her hair is a critical part of her appearance. At Tianna Styles’ Organic Hair Studio in Alderwood, we understand that every woman is unique and deserves a hairstyle that flatters her individual features. Whether you’re looking for a modern bob or a classic updo, our talented hairstylist Alderwood will work with you to create a look that is both fashionable and flattering. We also offer a wide range of color services, so you can find the perfect shade to complement your skin tone and hair texture. Plus, our salon is always reasonably priced, so you can love your hair without breaking the bank. Contact our affordable salon Alderwood at (833) 681-2400 or visit our website www.organichairstudios.com/.

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