Do you use organic hair products? If not, you should! While the term “organic” is often used to describe food and other consumables, it’s also applicable to the hair care products you use every day. In fact, if you’re not using organic shampoo, conditioner, and styling aids, your hair could be paying the price. If you love your hair, choose a chemical free hair salon Alderwood!

So what are some of the benefits of using organic hair products?

Hair health: Using natural ingredients can help your scalp stay healthy and balanced. This prevents dryness and irritation that can lead to dandruff. Organic ingredients are less harsh on your hair and scalp, which means less breakage and less damage overall.

Hair shine: Natural oils in organic products help your hair look shiny and lustrous.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing: Organic products usually have fewer harmful chemicals in them than non-organic products do. Additionally, many organic product companies practice environmentally friendly manufacturing methods that don’t pollute our water or soil. If you choose an organic salon Alderwood, you could help the environment too.

Smell better: Organic ingredients tend to have a much more natural smell than their non-organic counterparts. That’s because they don’t include any artificial fragrances or dyes—which can be overpowering and even harmful to skin and hair if used in excess. If you are in an organic salon, the smell of chemical-free hair dyes won’t disturb you.

Soothing effects: Many people suffer from scalp irritation caused by the harsh chemicals that are present in most shampoos and conditioners. This can lead to dandruff, flaking, and itching—all things that no one wants! Using organic products can help soothe this irritation and help prevent further damage in the future.

It all comes down to whether you believe that the organic methods used are truly beneficial for your hair and skin. If you do, and you want a salon experience unlike anywhere else. If you’re ready to get your hands on a chemical free hair salon experience that goes above and beyond your expectations, then do not hesitate to contact the highly-skilled professionals at non toxic hair salon in Alderwood. The friendly staff at Alderwood Organic Hair Studio are there to provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision on which hair salon services are right for you. With their help and guidance, you’ll be able to select the right organic hair products and treatments for your unique hair needs, leaving you with a shiny, healthy head of hair! Contact them today at  833-681-2400 or visit them online at