So what is balayage, anyway? Balayage (pronounced ball-y-azh) is a French word that translates to “to sweep” and refers to how your colorist will hand paint your strands with a brush or comb. The technique, which originated in salons in France and made its way Stateside over the past few years, calls for a less precise application of color than traditional foil highlights. Instead of each strand receiving a uniform amount of color like in foil highlights, balayage is painted freehand by your colorist using a brush or comb.

Balayage is a French word that literally translates to “to sweep” or “to paint”. This hair color technique is often used on fine hair because it gives the color a natural-looking, sun-kissed effect. 

Did you know that your hair is the ultimate accessory? With our organic hair studio Alderwood, you can wear your hair any way that you want and the best part is that there are no chemicals involved. That’s right! Our team of experienced experts has mastered Natural Hair Balayage Alderwood using organic products for hair, which is perfect for youthful and organic looks. Here are other facts about balayage that you should know:

Choosing a Shade

As with any hair color, choosing a shade for balayage is key. The best way to start is by looking at some photos of balayage and highlighting techniques that you like. You can also ask your stylist for help or bring in pictures of your favorite celebrity styles.

Maintenance Level

The maintenance level of balayage depends on how quickly your hair grows out, but most stylists recommend coming in every 4-6 weeks for touchups. If you don’t want to visit the salon so often, you can ask your stylist about how long it will take for your highlights to grow out so you can plan accordingly.

Goes Great With

Balayage works great with all types of haircuts! It looks especially nice with short hairstyles because it gives the cut an effortless look while adding dimension and shine to the hair. Balayage also looks great on medium-length hairstyles (like lobs) since it adds depth and dimension without making the style too busy

Similar Techniques

Balayage is not the only technique that can give you a sun-kissed look. Other techniques like ombre and somber also produce similar results. Many salons will offer all three services at once for an even more dramatic effect! Just remember that if you choose to get all three services done at once, it will take longer than getting each done individually. Ask your stylist how long each procedure will take so you know what to expect when booking appointments.

Balayage is the answer for so many women out there who aren’t ready to give up their dark hair but are looking for a change that provides lighter locks and an overall healthier look. 

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