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Top Rated Hair Salons Alderwood If you’re thinking about switching to organic hair products or getting an organic hair treatment, you may be wondering what the benefits are. Here are four reasons why you should consider an organic hair consultation at the top rated hair salons Alderwood. 1. You’ll learn about which products are right […]

Hair Dusting Alderwood

Dusting is ideal for those who need to clean up their ends and split pieces, but don’t want to lose any length. Dusting is simply the process of removing the tips or ends of your hair, without taking away any length. It’s a great way to keep your hair healthy and free of split ends, […]

Natural Hair Balayage Alderwood

So what is balayage, anyway? Balayage (pronounced ball-y-azh) is a French word that translates to “to sweep” and refers to how your colorist will hand paint your strands with a brush or comb. The technique, which originated in salons in France and made its way Stateside over the past few years, calls for a less […]

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Curly hair is beautiful, bouncy, and full of life. But to keep it that way, you need to treat it right. You can’t just go off and buy any old hair care product; they’re full of chemicals that will strip your curls of their natural oils and leave them hanging limply on your head. You […]

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Do you use organic hair products? If not, you should! While the term “organic” is often used to describe food and other consumables, it’s also applicable to the hair care products you use every day. In fact, if you’re not using organic shampoo, conditioner, and styling aids, your hair could be paying the price. If […]

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In order to get the best possible organic hair treatment, you need to consult with the best organic hair studio Alderwood. There are many different types of treatments available, and each one is designed to address a specific issue. By consulting with the experts at an organic hair studio, you can be sure that you’re […]

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Getting ready for a big event doesn’t have to be stressful. At Alderwood organic hair salon, we make it easy. So what makes us so special? Our products are all-organic, made with ingredients that are safe for both the environment and your hair. But this doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality: our shampoos and conditioners feel […]

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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought to the products you use on your hair. As long as they get the job done, that’s all that really matters, right? Wrong. The products you use on your hair can have a major impact on your overall health, so it’s important to be […]

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Why are organic hair products important? Have you considered the chemical in your hair products? ​ Believe it or not, it really is a huge factor when it comes to how healthy your hair is. Will you make the switch to organic soon? What is Organic Hair Care? Our top organic hair salon expert Alderwood […]

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100% organic hair care for gorgeous locks Whether you have thick hair or thin, a long mane or short, curly hair or straight — we’ve all got something to deal with when it comes to our hair, be it dryness, oiliness, dullness or another problem. To add in, we’ve all got a list of products […]